Volunteer Roles

The Talyllyn Railway is famous for being the world’s first preserved railway, this would not have been possible if it was not for its committed band of volunteers.  Thank you for showing interest in becoming a volunteer, we hope the following information gives you plenty of ideas about how you could help us.

The Talyllyn Railway is split into four departments:

Commercial Department (generally public-facing roles)

Engineering/Maintenance Department

Locomotive Department

Traffic Department (generally public-facing roles)

You may want to use your existing skills or you may wish to do something completely new.  Please contact our Volunteer Coordinators to discuss what you would like to do and if you have no idea they will help you choose something.  Whatever you choose to do, full training will be given and there will always be people to support and guide you.

For all sorts of reasons, a wide cross-section of people find working for the Talyllyn Railway very fulfilling, making new friends and expanding their social lives alongside the satisfaction of a day’s work well done.

There is a particular need for volunteers during the operating season, but there are openings for volunteers all year round.  Many volunteers find they learn new and useful skills that are of benefit in the world away from the railway, and may even help with job applications, where potential employers look very favourably on volunteer work of the sort offered on the railway.  Universities also look favourably on voluntary work when assessing applications and at the interview stage; many young volunteers have commented on the interest shown in the work they have done.

The Narrow Gauge Railway Museum at Wharf Station also depends on volunteers both to provide Museum attendants meeting the public and for administrative, maintenance and exhibit restoration tasks. The museum works closely with the railway so you could combine a working visit to the railway with a few days of volunteering in the museum.

Equal Opportunities:

The Talyllyn Railway welcomes everyone who wishes to come and volunteer, irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, religion, or any disability.

The Railway will take all reasonable steps to accommodate people but recognises that in some instances it may not be feasible or practicable for people to work in some Departments or undertake certain tasks.

The Railway wants to ensure all existing and potential volunteers receive consideration appropriate to their individual needs.  There will be a Risk Assessment undertaken, where necessary, to ascertain what roles an individual may be able to undertake.

Our aim is to create an environment:

  • where each individual is valued
  • where difference and diversity are welcome and respected
  • where a community is created based on fair, understanding and compassionate relationships
  • where discrimination in any form is opposed.
  • where positive images of and attitudes towards our members are developed in order for them to participate fully within the group