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Another very big thank you to all the staff and volunteers who assisted in any way during the recent Outdoor Week. The help as always comes in many forms – the preparation, preparing and serving the gang meal, making and delivering the lunchtime sandwiches, actually doing the work and the evening entertainers.

It was pleasing to see some new faces joining the stalwarts again this year.


Replacing the ash road turnout at Pendre – progressing

Ty Mawr Rail Stacks

Consolidating the BS50 rails

Ty Mawr Bridge

Pointing and yet more pointing – progressing

Scaffolding up the bridge at Ty Mawr.
Pointing at Ty Mawr


Re-sleeper the top of the bank

Remove stones from the stream

Progress the creation of a parking area on the SW side of the bridge


Concrete the road crossing, replace the creep bridge and relay through the platform – completed

Remove the high spot in the tadpole cutting drain.

Concreting Brynglas underbridge
Concreting the replacement underbridge at Brynglas


Further relaying in the platform

Clearing spoil


Resleepering at the top end of the platform.

Clearing spoil


Resleepering a short length between milepost 7 and Amen Corner –


Resleepering just short of the Big Bend

Tree husbandry – progressing

A group of people in hi-vis clothing on a length of track.
Some of the Gang at milepost 7


Other tasks

Leaf blowing – progressing

Moving logs – progressing


Tamping – progressing


Tea drinking

Plus, all the other tasks that I have forgotten – sorry.

Very many thanks again to all.

Keith Theobald