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The Talyllyn Railway has just been informed that it has received Platinum Awards  in the prestigious 2019 Loo of the Year Awards for both Ladies’ and Gent’s toilets at Abergynolwyn and Wharf Stations. This announcement comes at the same time that both Ladies’ and Gent’s toilets at Wharf Station have been ‘twinned’ with a pair of toilets installed in the village of Kabindi in the Democratic republic of the Congo.

Toilet Twinning is a recent charity (begun in 2010) where for a donation of just over £60 (the average cost of installing a latrine facility in a Third World country) a latrine facility may be provided where previously there was little basic sanitation. In the UK, the charity toilettwinning.org invites donations to ‘twin’ toilets with a facility to be provided in such a country. The idea has been taken up by many private householders as well as shops, businesses and corporate organisations.

General Manager, Stuart Williams receives the ‘Twinning’ certificates from Phil Malin, representing Tywyn Baptist Church, who arranged the twinning.
General Manager, Stuart Williams receives the ‘Twinning’ certificates from Phil Malin, representing Tywyn Baptist Church, who arranged the twinning. Photo Glenn Cannon.


Several years ago, members of Tywyn Baptist Church contributed to the charity to ’twin’ all four of the Church’s toilet facilities and church members have continued to make regular donations for the extension of this worthy cause to other facilities in the town. As a result, the church has been able to arrange for a further five publicly accessible toilets to be twinned, three at the ‘Victorian Slipway’ pub, another at ‘Pebbles Tea Room’ and one at the Magic Lantern Cinema. The Church has continued to promote the ‘Toilet Twinning’ charity in the town and hopes eventually to reach a target of 20 publicly accessible facilities twinned, in addition to the four already at the church, so as to give ‘Toilet Twinned’ status to the whole town.

When Phil Malin, a member of Tywyn Baptist Church and co-ordinator of this scheme approached the Talyllyn Railway to suggest the twinning of the toilets at Wharf Station, the TR General Manager Stuart Williams was delighted to agree to the proposition. So, with funding having already been raised, Phil was able to come to the Railway to present the ‘Twinned Toilet’ certificates. So now the Ladies’ and Gent’s loos at Wharf Station have each been twinned with a pair of village latrines that have been constructed in a village in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Stuart was especially delighted to receive the certificates, which are now displayed inside the facilities at Wharf Station, saying that it was especially pleasing that this should have happened in the same week that the railway had learned of our Platinum Awards for the toilet facilities at each of our main stations.

A further donation has now been received to enable the Composting Toilet at Dolgoch Station to be twinned This will bring the total number of additionally twinned toilets in the town to eleven. On the Talyllyn Railway, only the Abergynolwyn Station facilities remain (for the time being) un-twinned. Any member or friend of the railway who would like to consider donating to cover the cost of this worthy cause should contact the Talyllyn Railway, or Tywyn Baptist Church on 01654 711752.

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