Railway Letter Service

In 1891 many railway companies in Great Britain entered into an agreement with the Post Office to convey letters between railway stations throughout Britain. A normal postage stamp would be placed on the letter together with a stamp for the fee payable to the receiving railway company.

The Talyllyn Railway was included in this agreement and in the early part of the 20th century did convey post between Tywyn and Abergynolwyn, but did not operate a railway letter service until 1957. The original 1891 agreements ended when the railway companies concerned closed or passed into the hands of British Railways, but the Talyllyn, having never closed or been nationalised uniquely continued to hold its status.

You can still use the service to send a special souvenir of your visit to the Talyllyn to friends, family, or yourself.

Pre-stamped postcards are available from the Shop at Tywyn Wharf, as are a number of first day covers issued to commemorate special events and anniversaries.